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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why Now is Worse Than WWII

A major reason for the difficulty we're having fighting the war against Islamism is our inability to fully accept how bad things really are. It's natural, of course, to want to live among the comforting sands of denial, retreat and self-blame, but until we understand and appreciate the unprecedented enormity of the threat against us, our policies and plans will almost certainly fall short or far of the mark.

This, of course, makes all of us more vulnerable to being mass murdered.

How bad are things now? MUCH worse than the years preceding World War II.

Here are three reasons why:

1. There are MANY more Islamofacists intent on destroying Western Judeo-Christian civilization (not to mention fighting Hindus, Buddists, Sikhs, Kurds...) than there ever were Nazis or Nazi allies.

2. The Nazis were so clearly evil that they remain the primary (and, very unfortunately for too many, the sole) clarifying exemplar that human evil exists. Yet the Nazis still had enough of a conception of right and wrong to HIDE their efforts to exterminate millions of Jews and other innocents. Islamists have no such compunction. They openly declare their overt intentions to kill, destroy and wipe out entire nations and promote nearly every abomination of human destruction, sacrifice and murder as a virtue in the eyes of Allah. They broadcast their efforts and their evil loudly, and have no fear that doing so will hinder their efforts. In fact, the opposite. Current efforts to sanitize their murderous, fascist, barabaric behaviors (for example, "jihad is merely a term of self-struggle") can only be seen by thinking people as a transparent joke--or perhaps not such a joke since "my struggle" is also the translation of Mein Kampf.

3. The Nazis wanted to win at their enemies' expense. They were willing to fight for their evil cause, but the goal was to survive and kill more of us than we killed of them. Islamists, in contrast, are dedicated to the spread of chaos and destruction while self-survival plays, at best, a secondary role. They are murdering their own children, CELEBRATING as long as the bombs they tie to their kids succeed in murdering others with the added benefit of enhancing their aggrieved status as victims ("Look, our children are dying!"). In this morally insane, upside down worldview, the "bad" child is the one who chooses not to detonate. Winning at the enemy's expense, therefore, is not their top priorty, "winning" (ie. destroying what they hate) at their OWN expense and self-destruction is perfectly acceptable.

It doesn't get much worse than this, folks.


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