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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Why We Distrust Journalists II

From a letter I sent to National Public Radio this morning:

It's 8:15 am in New York, I'm listening to WNYC, and a story just finished about the surprising win of Hamas over Fatah in the Palestinian elections.

The fact that Hamas is a terrorist organization was NOT ONCE mentioned in the story. The word terror was not mentioned ONCE. The implications for democratic systems that cannibalize themselves through the legitimate election of terrorists were likewise never mentioned.

Do NPR and its reporters not find these elements of the story important?

Instead, the election was reported as if it were a vote for a county freeholder in Iowa.

How do you explain this? How do you claim, as you do in your marketing efforts, that NPR is providing "deep contextual reporting" when the glaring omissions of this story, it seems to me, form a pretty incriminating Exhibit A?


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