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Friday, January 20, 2006


Hello and welcome to my new blog.

I'm Russell Reich, a writer and creative director with a background in theatre and business communications and a passion for the 10% of things and thinking that aren't crud...the glorious, heightened, wonderful 10% that rises above the confused, the mediocre, the badly intended. In every realm, there is always that 10% worth seeking, and I intend to find it wherever I can.

My purpose here is to share my thinking and discoveries in areas of life that are of significant concern, passion, or interest to me. These include musings on art, design, music, architecture, religion, politics, business, and personal growth. Broad-based, yes, but perhaps some common threads or themes will emerge. I anticipate the common thread will be the search for standards that we might agree are worth raising over our impulses. In any case, my hope is that others will find themselves reflected and amplified here, their secret thoughts recognized and valued, their prejudices challenged, their perspectives widened, their synapses fired, their spark of recognition frequently ignited, their aspirations and search for connection to a like-minded soul satisfied.

Elia Kazan once wrote (I'm paraphrasing here) that all we really have, especially as artists, is the hope that others will see and value things as we do. And, I would add the hope that we are able to similarly receive from others as we wish them to receive from us.

Join in. Participate. Comment. Question. Argue. Be passionate.


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